"Helper code" to read configuration?


Total newbie question here after looking through the docs, KB and forums…

I am considering writing a script to compare “show arp” against static-mapped IP addresses.

I’m not familiar with the Vyos code base but got to believe there is code to read config.boot and return a data structure that can easily be traversed.

If this is documented somewhere, can someone provide a link? if it’s not documented, a pointer to the relevant code would be appreciated.


ps: Let me know if this is the wrong forum area or there is a Vyos way/language to describe this.

Perhaps this command would be useful?:
sh configuration json pretty

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Well sh*t! Aint that easy! Thanks!

I’m coming from the Ubnt Edge Router world and just didn’t imagine that “show configuration” had been extended in such a useful way. Kudos! And really loving Vyos. :slight_smile: