Hope to support DHCPv6 PD

Currently, vyos does not support DHCPv6 PD by default to obtain dynamic prefix from ISP, while my ISP obtains dynamic prefix from DHCPv6 PD. I hope that DHCPv6 PD can be used to obtain dynamic prefix to cooperate with nptv6 address conversion and directly distribute to sub interfaces. Can DHCPv6 PD be considered as an official support?

Worth noting that support for DHCPv6 PD has now been implemented and will be part of VyOS 1.3 (Equuleus):


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it’s in rolling already. needs testing. @c-po made great work

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I have tested this and it works great with my Spectrum Cable. I am willing to submit my interface config as an example as I didn’t see any documentation other than for pppoe. FYI I am on rolling version VyOS 1.3-rolling-202007152012

Hi @thadrumr,

It’d be great if you could contribute to the documentation. Please ask if you have any doubt about it.


I may be able to help with documenting this, too. I’m in the process of migrating my whole home to IPv6, and was thinking about writing about my process.