How do I calculate throughput of the appliances?

Hi Guys,

I have a appliance ordered from Taiwan on which I have installed 1.2.8 and its running fine. However I wanted to calculate the throughput of the appliance and wondering if anyone knows if any utility by which I can generate some traffic and calculate the throughput of that appliance?

Or any other idea to monitor the benchmark of the appliance?

Blason R

Does iPerf not give you the data you’re looking for?

Hello @blason , usually throughput calculated in PPS (packet per second)
You can use Cisco T-REX as an open-source solution for performance testing


network monitoring using snmp would be the first thing you have in place. this would get you statistics on interface utilization, congestion, drops, etc.

netflow would be the next thing you want in place to give you an idea exactly what thew traffic is and if it changes dramatically why is it changing.

iperf3 is a good in the moment tool to have in place for bandwidth capacity testing to verify you have what you think you do.