How to config DHCPv6-PD


When i try to config DHCPv6-PD,I found nowhere to config
anyone can tell me ,how to config DHCPv6-PD by vyos

(I can config DHCPv6-PD by edgeos)

And,whether or not vyos can provide NAT64 for ipv6 user


Well it should be automatic from your ISP, but I dont think the system is fully v6 in that regard… if thats what your trying to do


Because IPv6 protocol for Windows XP does not support DHCPv6.So for this reason,I want user dhcpv6 PD


FYI Vyos does not currently support DHCPv6-PD aka prefix delegation. The way I got around this was to just use a free IPv6 tunnel from Tunnel Broker which does work and they have a basic config on their site to get your started.