How to create OSPFv3 stub area?

I’m looking trying to create stub area with OSPFv3 and I don’t see any option for it in VyOS 1.3-rolling-202105011026. Am I missing something?

The option is available via vtysh

I create a feature request for it ⚓ T3554 Add area-type stub for ospfv3

@dtoux will be added in the next rolling 1.4 release.

Could you please add it to 1.3 as well? We intend to start using VyS in production when 1.3 reaches maturity and this is a showstopper.

@dtoux it also added to 1.3 PR.
But it can’t be deployed right now. We will use FRR 7.5.1 in the next 1.3 release, but it has different behavior for static routes with different distances.
More details T3516 and frr-issue

This is qute messed up :frowning: I will try to find a workaround but what we really need is the stub area.

When you chose the new-style configuration, the IPv6 address family has been instantiated and the IPv4 address family does not show in the configuration!