How to deploy vyos on proxmxo ve with pulumi python cloudinit

How to deploy vyos on proxmox ve with pulumi python cloudinit
Dose cloud-init support pulumi python ?

You can deploy VyOS on Proxmox VE using Pulumi Python with cloud-init support. First, define your infrastructure using Pulumi Python, specifying VM creation and cloud-init configuration. Then, include cloud-init directives in your Pulumi code to customize VyOS DGCustomerFirst settings during deployment. Finally, use the Pulumi CLI to deploy your infrastructure, creating VMs on Proxmox VE and configuring them with cloud-init. Yes, cloud-init is supported in Pulumi Python, allowing you to customize VM initialization as needed.

I’m stuck at define cloudinit yaml file and upload it into snipets on proxmox ve. There is no python example at now.
there was a typescript version homelab-kubernetes-home-infrastructure/src/lib/proxmox/create.ts at main · muhlba91/homelab-kubernetes-home-infrastructure · GitHub

But I didn’t know typescript.
Can you help me to implement in python code?