How to upgrade from 32 bit instance to 64 bit instance

I noticed that the 32 bit instance will be deprecated in the future, so upgrading from 32 bit to 64 bit instance makes sense.
This is a how to that explains upgrading from vyatta 6.6 32 bit virtual instance to a vyos 1.1.7 64 bit virtual instance the idea should work on 32 bit to 64 bit vyos virtual instance.


  1.   Download a 64bit  instance for example
2. Create a new Virtual Instance on Virtual Infrastructure
• Linux – 64 bit VM
• 1 CPU instance
• 256M Ram
• 4GB Hard Disk
• Network interfaces - create the same no of network instances as source 32 bit vyatta instance
3. Install Vyos instance
4. Setup a network interface on the same network which tftp server will be setup on NB: default login: login: vyos password: vyos
• login
• configure
• set interface Ethernet eth0 address x.x.x.x/x
• commit
• save
5. Add the same user and password as 32 bit vyatta version for example adm
• configure
• set system login user adm authentication plaintext-password ‘xxxxx’
• set system login adm level ‘admin’
• commit
• save
6. Download and setup an appropriate tftp version; in this example: this is for a windows version tftp option but setup a tftp version for own OS.
TFTPD64 : an opensource IPv6 ready TFTP server/service for windows : TFTP server
• Setup a directory for uploading / downloading images
• Select a interface for tftp to use z.z.z.z
7. On the source 32 bit vyatta instance
• Login
• configure
• copy file running://config/config.boot to tftp:///
where is the ip address of tftp server z.z.z.z and is name you reference your config - ssssss
8. Edit the config file ssssss i.e. (mandatory)
• Remove the hw-id under each ethernet interface and save the file
• hw-id xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
9. from vyos 64 bit instance: load the configuration file ssssss
• Login
• configure
• load tftp://z.z.z.z/ssssss
• commit
• save
• reboot
10. At the same time, login to vyatta instance and shut instance.
• login
• poweroff
11. On vyos instance: . Update the Repositories
• configure
• set system package repository community components main
• set system package repository community distribution hydrogen
• set system package repository community url
• commit
• save
• sudo apt-get update

Rollback: (Just in case )
• Switch off the Vyos 64 bit instance and switch on the Vyatta 32 bit instance

why wouldn’t you just “add system image <http-of-x64.iso>”
MUCH easier and rollback is possible from grub or “set system default image”

Yes that would work better if the router has access to internet. Some of the routers, I had to upgrade did not.

Only supported upgrade procedure is via “add system image”
all other ways will likely to break your system, especially apt-get update
PLEASE NEVER USE apt-get upgrade on VyOS

in that case mounting the iso to the vm is another way of installing it. or copying the iso to a local http server then running the command. this method is a bit overkill and requires changing the mac addresses among other parts of the config.