i config vlan,but it doesn't work

my vlan doesn’t work,
i have a vyos router,and it works well,

it has two ethernet interfaces,
eth0 connects to a modem,is WAN interface,
eth1 connects lan,the physical lan,and it works well,its address is,

now ,i want to have vlans in my physical lan,so i config a vif on the eht1 interface,used the command:

set interfaces ethernet eth1 vif 10 address,and commit.

when i “show interfaces”,it can display a vif on the eth1,
and i can ping to the vif on the vyos.

but the other computers on the lan can’t connect to the vif,
i config the computer’s address as 192.168.2.x/24,but it can’t connect the vyos,
when i ping it,it says “not reachable”.

i tested in the virtualbox, and in the physical lan,
i changed the nic,
i changed the vyos,and vyatta 6.5,6.4,

but nothing can work,who can help me??

Your switch also has to support vlans, and you have to configure it on the switch.

but the vyos documents never said that.

if that ,how can I separate my lan??
I only have a normal switch, in my lan,there are many computers and mobiles,

I want separate some of them from others.

you will need managed switch with VLANs support

ok,I know. Thanks a lot.

I know that.
Thanks for you!