Information related to VyOS CLI and output related information

Hello Everyone,

I have just started using VyOS. I am looking for a document or link which contains in detail usage of VyOS CLI and its output with an explanation.

Thanks for your help

@harshit I dont think there is a list of all commands and expected output.

But the official documentation is the best so far;

Are there some commands you are looking at specifically?

Hi @olofl,

I am looking for the explanation of below command:

set protocols bgp maximum-paths ibgp 32

In this I am looking for the meaning of “32” mentioned here.

@harshit I am pretty sure it refers to load-sharing in routing. VyOS uses frr as routing daemon. But I cannot find documentation on maximum-paths on frr website. However, another search on the term lead me to this, which has a good explanation.
And the meaning 32 in your example would then mean the maximum number of ibgp “equal” routes to be installed in the RIB.

Thanks @olofl for sharing the information. I have also searched the same and got a good link below which explains the configuration.

Thanks for your help.