Inquiry on the progress planning of SDN in vyos

At present, the ideas of SDN and nfv are becoming more and more popular. If vyos can support SDN and nfv earlier, it will not have a negative impact on vyos. On the contrary, it can make vyos not lag behind the times and more widely used in various scenarios. At present, I am a vyos communication community from China that has found cases of combining vyos and OVS as SDN, so I hope SDN and nfv In vyos to support more, can fully support SDN transformation, but even so, vyos should be as an option for users to choose, rather than mandatory! In the project management system of phabricator, I found that I could support SDN in version 2.0. X for a long time. I would like to ask about SDN’s vision in the community to plan the route. Thank you again!
The address envisaged for SDN in phabricator is:
The address of phabricator about 2.0. X is:

This is really a great idea, and the prospects and value of SDN and NFV are obvious to all. Expect VyOS to provide support for SDN and NFV, and keep watching …