Installation of VyOS in GNS3



I’ve created a blog post, which shows the installation of VyOS 1.2 beta in GNS3 , see


Thanks for sharing!
Let me know if we can add this to wiki.


Sure, you can use it freely. I’m glad, when I can help.


Some kind soul has added this to the VyOS wiki, see

But there is one issue, I’don’t know how to handle: has a special understanding of hyperlinks. In the “Terms of Use” at the bottom of they define their view of acceptable links. In short, only links to should be made and even these have to be registered by mailing them. I have once asked them, if they are serious about that, but got no answer. Therefore I’m not sure, if the wiki should use links to GNS3.


i asked guys to add this,
i will be checking about gns3, we don’t have issues to link them