Interface naming conventions on bare-metal appliances

Hi Team,

I am trying to install 1.4 on one of the network appliance which has 8x1 Gb NIC Cards. The installation was proper however I noticed that on Appliance my Nic card number start from Left to right i.e. eth1, 2,3 ,4…till 8

However when I installed Vyos surprisingly it took eth0 as the 8th card, eth1 as 7th, eth2 as 6th so vyos counting it from right to left.

I guess there is a something can be done in Linux to proper interfaces and I forgot that, can someone help or if someone noticed this issue?

VyOs, or in general any OS, has no notion of physical numbering of interfaces.
It sees device numbered by device ID , MAC addresss or whatever, and assigns names in that order.
It’s up to hardware developer to put those in order with numbers on case.
To assign port8 in VyOs to eth8, add to config:
set interfaces eth8 hw-id 00:0c:29:da:a4:fe
This assigns name eth8 to interface having mac 00:0c:29:da:a4:fe
This way you can have eth1 to eth8 instead of eth0 to eth7 , matching numbers on case

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Thanks let me try adding that.