IPsec + BGP between VyOS and GCP/GCE


I’ve been following this guide for creating an IPsec tunnel between my VyOS instance and GCP – https://cloud.google.com/files/CloudVPNGuide-UsingCloudVPNwithVyOS.pdf – but I’d really like to have the tunnel working with BGP route exchange. I understand how to do this on the GCP side, as I’ve got this working already between GCP and RouterOS, but I’m having quite a hard time doing the same with VyOS.

Are there any known-good configurations for VyOS for propping up an IPsec tunnel with BGP support?


Silly question, but I’m assuming you’ve configured BGP routing on the GCP end?

Sorry, I haven’t used GCP but I assume it will be very much similar to AWS. When generating the VPN tunnel, you should have been given or might have been given an option on how to peer, being static or dynamic (BGP) routing. Or similar?