IPv6 DNAT rules

Can VyOS do IPv6 DNAT? I have a VLAN that requires redirecting all NTP traffic (going to the Internet) to the internal NTP service. I’m using a DNAT rule on the inbound interface of this VLAN to catch that type of traffic and translate it to a destination IP of the internal NTP server. This works very well on IPv4. NetFilter has NAT table for IPv6 and can have a DNAT rule there that works in much the same way as IPv4. Does VyOS have the ability to set such rules?

The same way as nat in 1.4
“set nat 66 xxx”
In any image after 26th of August 2022

Thank you for the quick response. No wonder I couldn’t find it as I’m on 1.3.2 LTS. I suppose it’s time to dive into sagitta

It was implemented in 1.4

It’s worth noting that DNAT66 was initially implemented as DNPTv6, and while it now has protocol and port translation capabilities, you can configure it as a prefix-to-prefix translation process (NPTv6)

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