IPv6 Only BGP Neighboor on VyOS

I am trying to configure VyOS in way that only ipv6-unicast address family is announced in my BGP session, in Quagga you would achieve that by:

router bgp 64512
  no neighbor 3ffe:401d:1f00:baa::1 activate
 address-family ipv6
  neighbor 3ffe:401d:1f00:baa::1 activate

In VyOS I can only shutdown whole peer not just its “ipv4” part. Currently I am attaching DENY-ALL IPv4 route-maps…

Any ideas?


Maybe this thread would help, I’ve been using this “hack” to separate IPv4 and IPv6 neighbors and prefixes:


Thanks :), well I will keep using my Deny-IPv4 prefixes approach