Ipv6 prefix delegation.. how to assign ipv6 to lan clients when using DHCP-PD?

I know this is a new feature only in 1.3 rolling release recently, but are there any example configs for how to assign IPV6 addresses to LAN clients from an ipv6 prefix delegation that is dynamic from the ISP? most of the example configs I see assume a known static ipv6 range.
The DHCP-PD feature mentioned in the May 2020 update works fine for allocating addresses to my VyOS LAN interfaces when I connect with PPPOE… but I’m not sure how these ranges are passed on to LAN clients.

another self reply… after updating to the very latest 1.3 rolling release, and reading through thread in https://phabricator.vyos.net/T421 I got it working, thanks to the efforts of everyone making this happen!

Once I tidy it up I should post a cut down version of my config here…

I would love to see this. Are you doing IPv6 only or dual stack?

My set up is dual stack.

Here is a cut down version of my config, saved with “strip-private”
But I also removed a whole bunch of NAT rules and VPN stuff that wasn’t relevant, so the config may not be coherent, but it should give the gist.

I have a more private zone of the network for hosts that need to see each other, and a “guest” zone for BYOD type gear.
The config is nothing special, and was made by cutting and pasting various example chunks of config from here and there and fiddling with it until it worked.

ipv6-zog-stripped.config (21.5 KB)

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Are you using something like a fixed prefix?

No, I am using the config as above?

I’ll note recent 1.3 rolling releases my config does not work, as noted in

but I don’t know if this is a change in behaviour or a bug.

So my config needs an older 1.3 rolling release to work.


There was a change in the syntax as documented in https://phabricator.vyos.net/T2677
and now it is working for me with the recent 1.3-rolling-202009280118 release.

The auto config updater worked for me but I added “set interfaces pppoe pppoe1 dhcpv6-options pd 0 length 56” in my case as well.