IPv6 Prefix Delegation


I’m playing around with the 1.4 rolling release on my home router and I try to do IPv6 prefix delegation from Ziggo (my internet provider). On my previous Debian install I had this working, but I’m struggling to do the same on VyOS. Anyone knows how to mimic the config below? I struggle with getting the ‘na’ configured on my external interface. Thanks in advance.

interface enp1s0 {
        send ia-na 0;
        send ia-pd 0;
        request domain-name-servers;
        request domain-name;

id-assoc na 0 { };
id-assoc pd 0 {
        prefix-interface enp2s0 {
                sla-id 0;
                sla-len 8;

Nevermind, got it working :slight_smile: