IPV6 Routing


Hi, I just installed VYOS on a Hyper-V server and looks a very promising application.
I will like to know how I can accomplish the following configuration, focused in IPV6 (Ipv4 is already working).

a) one IPV6 vendors.
b) Three Intranets LAN: Users(1), IpPhones(2), surveillance cameras(3).
c) DHCPV6 up and running in another server for the 4 networks.

I will like to have the IPV6 LAN traffic routed.

IPV6 vendor router on 2007:0:1::1

On the internet side, what are the right addresses to use on VYOS?
Is 2007:0:1::2 correct?
On each of the LAN side, are this the right addresses to use?
What will be the configuration to route IPV6 from LAN to LAN and from LAN to the world?

…|++++++++|—LAN(1) 2007:0:1:1::2/64
.2007:0:1::1 --2007:0:1::2 —|++++++++|
…|++VYOS++|—LAN(2) 2007:0:1:2::2/64
…|++++++++|—LAN(3) 2007:0:1:3::2/64