IPv6 w/ Router Advertisements not working

I’m running vyOS 1.3-rolling-202003301357.
I’m trying to enable router advertisements, but it does not work.

set interfaces ethernet eth1 ipv6 router-advert send-advert true

Configuration path: interfaces ethernet eth1 ipv6 [router-advert] is not valid
Set failed

This moved fairly recently, and it appears that the documentation hasn’t been fully updated yet.

The basic format and commands are the same:


set service router-advert interface <interface name>

Possible completions:
                Lifetime associated with the default router in units of seconds
                Preference associated with the default router,
+  dnssl        DNS search list
   hop-limit    Set Hop Count field of the IP header for outgoing packets (default: 64)
 > interval     Set interval between unsolicited multicast RAs
   link-mtu     Link MTU value placed in RAs, exluded in RAs if unset
   managed-flag Hosts use the administered (stateful) protocol for address autoconfiguration in addition to any addresses autoconfigured using SLAAC
+  name-server  IPv6 address of recursive DNS server
                Do not send router adverts
                Hosts use the administered (stateful) protocol for autoconfiguration of other (non-address) information
+> prefix       IPv6 prefix to be advertised in Router Advertisements (RAs)
                Time, in milliseconds, that a node assumes a neighbor is reachable after having received a reachability confirmation
                Time in milliseconds between retransmitted Neighbor Solicitation messages

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