Is any sizing guide available?

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Wondering if there is any documentation or general guidelines available for sizing the appliance? I mean lets say I have
1500 users and I am going to add total aggregated 150 Mb/s bandwidth of ISP links to configure GRE tunnel with AWS then hoe much RAM and CPU I would need?
300 users and have aggregated bw of 200 Mb/s [comprises of 3 ISP links] carrying VTI tunnel with AWS and dynamic protocol like BGP how much resources I would need.

Can someone please shed some light?

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Since VyOS is an open source platform and can be deployed pretty much at any hardware, hypervisor, container or multiple-vendor cloud environments would be hard to make a sizing document.

However, maybe I can help you if you share more details about the features from VyOS that you may use.

For example, NAT functions uses CPU resources to make the IP Addresses translations and you should consider this when choosing your hardware appliance.
The same thing happens with other features like CPU-based forwarding.

So, both scenarios with the bandwidth and the tunneling protocols you’re going to use are clear.

But then would you need to apply NAT (any src or dst type) or complex firewall rules?
Also will you have a lot of BGP peers?

Hi @m1nus

Thanks for reply - However I am looking for general guidelines while allocating network device. Whether should I consider as per network bw or throughput or processing power.

Lets say I have around 100 users with 2 ISP links and all those users are getting masquarade when going to internet on Vyos what resources it might need?

Or I have around lets say 6 BGP peers and its a simple ipsec or dmvpn peers what resources then I would need.

Hi, @blason !

Unfortunately there’s no official guidlines because hardware requirements vary greatly between use cases.

Agree - but if I need to consider network appliance where I would like to install vyos 1.2.x would 8 GB RAM and 250 GB HD with 4 core i3 CPU should suffice my most of the needs, right?

8 GB and 4 core should be enough to handle lots of BGP peers and Nat traffic?

I will clarify the exact requirements for the last sounded case and give you a feedback. It would be zero point for scaling

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Hi, @blason

What did I found:
8 GB RAM and 250 GB HD with 4 core i3 CPU is more than enough for your sounded cases. But also it depends on network card. It should consist ring buffer and hardware interrupt. Like Intel chipsets i350 or 82576 for example.