Is there a C compiler available on vyos like gcc?

I was wondering if there was a C compiler available on vyos. I imported some uncompiled code and couldn’t find a compiler. So I tried to import the compiled code files from another environment, but again I can’t run it, for example “a.out” didn’t work.
How can I do this ?
Thanks you in advance.

You can customize vyos (such as vyos-1x) and recompile vyos, or explicitly install custom packages gcc and g++ when manually compiling vyos

VyOS is solely based on Debian (Buster for 1.3 and 1.4) and you are free to add the corresponding APT sources and install any arbitrary package, incl. compilers.

Please note that those packages will not survive an upgrade of the appliance and must be reinstalled once you upgrade to a newer version.

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