Is VRF possible in VyOS?


I want to use VyOS as a IPSEC concentrator for several clients, but they have overlapping left and right network subnets. Is there a support for VRF in VyOS? I couldn’t find it in the documentation and I cannot figure it out how to do it without it.

Example configuration:
ClientA <—internal GRE tunnel—> VyOS <----IPSEC over Interet ------->
ClientB <------internal Vlan-------> VyOS <-------IPSEC over internet -------->

Unfortunately there is only one public ip address for the internet connection, so IPSEC connection must end on the same ip.

Thanks for the help.


No VRF support at this time,
this is something that we consider to add in future but no ETAs at this time


Thank you for the quick answer. Any idea is there huge community demand for VRF? Can you speculate if ETA will be a month, a quater a year or “eternal later” :slight_smile: ?

Do you think that above configuration is possible on VyOS without VRF?