Latest nightly builds, DMVPN issues

I’ve been running 1.1.8 for quite some time and decided to “upgrade” a router and test out the latest code.

Having done so, this particular router (a spoke in a DMVPN network) is no longer able to negotiate DMVPN links with the hub. It appears that the GRE tunnel isn’t building.

Things in my log that are suspicious:

Mar 03 18:00:31 ms-fw1 opennhrp[4166]: [] Peer up script failed: timeout

So this probably points the GRE/NHRP failure

Mar 03 17:58:18 ms-fw1 charon[3880]: 13[IKE] initiating IKE_SA dmvpn-NHRPVPN-tun1[2] to

And this is totally confusing because I’ve never used for anything. It doesn’t show up in my config…So where is that coming from?? That appears to be hard-coded somewhere in a conf file on the system from the installation.

These are the two rolling releases that I’ve tried:

1: 1.3-rolling-202003031741 (default boot)
2: 1.3-rolling-202002290910-

Any thoughts?