Lost configuration changes on reboot



I am using virtual box 5.1.20 and i am running VyOS machine on it.

Evertime i reboot VyOS VM, all configuration files/changes i have done are lost. Machine comes to initial state from where i started.

Does it happen with eveyone or do i need to do other settings so that changes are not lost on reboot.


You need to run
install image
after you boot from iso and login

I suspect you do changes on live system boot from iso


I am facing same issues even if i run install image.


so after committing your changes, you saved them right?


yes, i commited them, then save . Then i rebooted the system. When it comes up, all changes are lost.


Your router is not still booting from the livecd is it?


How can i check if my router s booting or not booting from livecd ?


remove the livecd??

is that a real question?


Incidentally, I had to upgrade to the nightly builds in order to get the configuration to persist across reboots.


1.1.7 has been working fine for me across several devices.