MAC changes during upgrade

I am preparing to upgrade our router from 1.1.7 to 1.2.6.S1. I am testing the upgrade in HyperV VM. During the test all MAC addresses of the VM router changed. Which meant loss of connectivity due to VyOS creating new eth ports (eth0 change to eth8 and so 0n). This meant I had to result to access the router via console.

My question is: Is there a danger of happening this on physical device? I don’t have console access to the actual physical router. I would like to prevent me driving 100 miles to where the router is physically located.

Thank you

P.S. We Clearstream have support contract with VyOS team, but I cannot figure out how to start ticket under the contract login. Any hint will be appreciated.

Hello @petr, we strongly recommend the first update to 1.1.8 and then to 1.2.x.
Do you know the cause, why MAC addresses were changed on interfaces?

My organization uses Hyper-V in both Failover Cluster and as Standalone hosts. I frequently have problems with the Hyper-V Cluster changing MAC addresses or giving a migrated VM a duplicate MAC of an existing VM when the VMs migrate to a different physical host in the cluster. I have not seen this behavior on the standalone hosts from 2008r2 - 2016.

Thanks. This will give me a piece of mind.

I think the Microsoft intended way to prevent this from happening is to have the Failover cluster managed by their System Center Virtual Machine Manager but it requires full integration in to the cluster from its initial setup and cannot be added to an existing cluster. I’ve had some luck going in to the VM network adapter settings and enabling “Enable MAC address spoofing”. I believe you can also statically set a MAC address for each network adapter if you want to absolutely guarantee the VM keeps the same MAC.

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