Migration Script Issue in 1.4.0-rc3 (post-boot interface creation)

I’m having an issue in 1.4.0-rc3 that was not present in rc1 or 1.3.

When interfaces are created after VyOS boots (like those created within containers), and configuration is applied to those (OSPF, MPLS, PIM, MTU, etc…), the configuration is removed.

After reboot:

vyos@vyos# run show log | match migrat
Jan 26 17:14:07 vyos-router[974]: Starting VyOS router: migrate configure failed!

vyos@vyos# compare commands 0
delete interfaces ethernet eth10 mtu '1500'
delete protocols mpls interface 'eth10'
delete protocols ospf interface eth1 area '0'
delete protocols ospf interface eth10 area '0'
delete protocols ospf interface eth10 network 'point-to-point'
delete protocols pim interface eth1
delete protocols pim interface eth10
delete protocols pim rp address group ''

It not only deletes the lines with the interface that isn’t yet present, but it deletes the entire parent (MPLS, OSPF, etc…)

Some lines do not cause this issue:

set firewall ipv4 input filter rule 10 inbound-interface name 'eth10'
set protocols bgp interface eth10 mpls forwarding

I created a bug for this: ⚓ T5991 1.4.0-RC3 deleting portions of config in error (migration script)

This is potentially a very bad bug, as it makes any reboot potentially outage causing. This would impact not just interfaces created in containers, but also changing of interface names of USB Ethernet Adapters, PCIe adapters, and even logical interfaces like dummy interfaces.

NOTE: This is on a fresh installation of rc3, and a subsequent reboot. No migration from an earlier version is actually occuring.

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