Minimum amount of RAM required?

Im running a VyOS VM on a Xen server (xcp-ng). Minimal setup.

1.2 rc4 ran with 256MB.
Installed rc10 image. Reboot failed.
Installed rc5 image. Reboot failed.
Fresh install of rc10 (256MB). Boot failed.

Increased RAM to 512MB. rc10 ran fine.

Was there a change from rc4 to rc5 that caused the increase in required RAM?

512 was always recommended since 1.1.x, as 256 is not suitable anymore (it still will work on 256)

Oh, ok.

I just read:


I run a few basic routers on 256mb on versions 1.1.7 and 1.1.8. I haven’t updated to 1.2 on anything yet.