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I’ve just registered to gain some help. I am reading the docs for VyOS 1.4 and trying to create some port-forwarding for inbound services from the WAN to DMZ. In the docs it specifies to issue for the following command to apply the firewall policy to interfaces:

set interfaces ethernet eth0 firewall in name ‘OUTSIDE-IN’
set interfaces ethernet eth0 firewall local name ‘OUTSIDE-LOCAL’

The issue I have is there is no firewall option after “set interfaces ethernet eth0”

Is there is documentation issue that’s not had the most recent changes to the syntax documented?

Everything else is working except the firewall.

That’s odd.
EDIT: Ignore this reply and see @n.fort’s below
What version of 1.4 rolling?

I’ve got 1.4-rolling-202209090217 and I have the firewall command available:

PS: Welcome to the Vyos forums! :slight_smile:

Big changes in last week in firewall, and more coming soon, and still haven’t update the docs. Sorry for that!

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Thanks for the welcoming :slight_smile:

OK that answers that. :slight_smile: :smiley:

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