Missing ethernet interfaces

Hi, I’m testing vyos in openstack. I able to run vyos1.2.6 (qcow2) but only can see single eth0 interface, I try to set eth1 it will prompt not exists. So I tried create my own qcow2 vyos based on vyos1.1.8 iso. I create new VM and installed vyos with 5 interfaces and the vm run as vyos and confirmed those 5 interfaces available. Than I convert created vyos vmdk to qcow2 file and deployed over openstack. When I access vyos …its just show me eth3 (only single interface) no other interfaces available. Anyone face the same problem and how to resolve this. I could not test with single interface, please…hope someone could advise me. Thank you

If anyone have vyos with multiple ethernet interfaces in qcow2 format , appreciate if you can share copy with me thus I can try to deploy over my openstack.

Hello @dzdz,

which NIC drivers do you utilize in your OpenStack environment? Lokks like your drivers are not enabled in our 4.19 Kernel version.

Hi… my openstack is running over single centos7 vm (VMware). Openstack queens.
During vyos installation on VMware Workstation, I create 5 NICs using custom network adapter. Once installation completed, I access vyos and confirmed 5 nic available.

What is the adaptor you selected for your VMs in OpenStack? Intel e1000? vmxnet3?

Hi sir,
Its a virtio. I will create and install new vyos. hope it could resolve. Thank you