Multiple commits in vyatta-cfg-cmd-wrapper


I’m using /opt/vyatta/sbin/vyatta-cfg-cmd-wrapper in my scripts to configure vyos according to guide, it works fine except that it takes time in commits especially when the configuration in commit is long.

I checked the code in the wrapper and found that it takes at lease three commits for each commit action as below:

    export COMMIT_VIA=cfg-cmd-wrapper
    ${vyatta_sbindir}/my_commit -a >> $LOGFILE
    ${vyatta_sbindir}/my_commit -s >> $LOGFILE
    exec ${vyatta_sbindir}/my_commit -e -d >> $LOGFILE

I tried to leave only one commit and it also works well, besides the responding time for commit is speeding up. So the question is why so many commit is in there? what’s the purpose? is it possible to use all these option in one line like below?

    export COMMIT_VIA=cfg-cmd-wrapper
    exec ${vyatta_sbindir}/my_commit -a -s -e -d >> $LOGFILE

best regards.

Anyone can help to answer the question?

I’d also be interested to know if there’s an optimisation opportunity here, or if there’s really a need to perform the multiple commits.