Nat behind dedicated IP and failover

Hi Team,

I have Vyos 1.3 and have three ISP links terminaed. Then I have 4 servers e.g., 5.11, 5.12, 5.13

I want 5.10 and 5.12 to be natted behind ISP1 and 5.11 & 5.13 behind ISP2. This is pretty much possible however wanted to know if failover can be possible for the hosts natted behind particular ISP? Like if 5.10 is natted behind ISP1 if ISP1 fails would it be possible if it can go out from ISP2 and same for other IPs?

Blason R

And how are you getting the “status” of those ISP links? I can think on some work around using task scheduler

Hmm…this is what I was thinking about if the above solution can really be possible?

It should be possible

Hmm - Keen to know the config. Do you have that handy or wondering if any hints in such configuration?

How about wan load-balancing