Need suggestions on my scenario in implementing BGP between two locations

Hi Team,

I have vyos 1.2.8 a both the locations. Currently if you refer to existing scenario diagram; I have Azure serving with AS 65515 while two locations serving AS65505 (LOC A []) & AS65506(LOCB[]) respectively
I have BGP over IPsec configured on those two locations which is running fine.

Existing Scenario

My next step is; those two locations are connected to each other using MPLS currently and being used only for and However I am thinking to connect those using site-site tunnel and VTI and then configure eBGP as an alternate path for if my both the ISP fails at either location.

Can someone please give me suggestions of inputs?

Good idea. Choice of routing protocol between LOC A and LOC B will be your call though. OSPF would do it too. On each router’s OSPF instance, redistribute the routes from Azure then just apply route preference mechanism so that LOC A and LOC B will still use the tunnel to Azure to reach