Netflow and sFlow data in short bursts

Hello all,

I’m struggling to get netflow or sflow to send data consistently. I’ve switched back and forth between sflow and netflow 5 and 9 and can’t get a consistent output. I’ve looked at the receiving end via tcpdump and only see very little activity on port 2055 and it is in bursts, so its not my collection application.

Here is my current config, which doesn’t work

flow-accounting {
    interface bond2
    interface bond1
    netflow {
        engine-id 6
        sampling-rate 300
        server {
            port 2055
        timeout {
            expiry-interval 60
            flow-generic 3600
            icmp 300
            max-active-life 604800
            tcp-fin 300
            tcp-generic 3600
            tcp-rst 120
            udp 300
        version 5
    syslog-facility daemon

Can anyone point at what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks so much,