Netflow configuratoin

Rolling release - 2 months ago and current build today (May 11)

I’ve run across this and didn’t see anything related, so I thought I’d check here and see if this was known -

config -

+interface eth0
+interface tun0
+netflow {

  • engine-id 100
  • server {
  •    port 8110
  • }
  • source-ip
  • timeout {
  •    flow-generic 60
  • }
  • version 10

Result from commit -

vyos@rtfw-01# commit
[ system flow-accounting ]
VyOS had an issue completing a command.

We are sorry that you encountered a problem while using VyOS.
There are a few things you can do to help us (and yourself):

When reporting problems, please include as much information as possible:

  • do not obfuscate any data (feel free to contact us privately if your
    business policy requires it)
  • and include all the information presented below

Report Time: 2020-05-11 12:48:11
Image Version: VyOS 1.3-rolling-202005100117
Release Train: equuleus

Built by:
Built on: Sun 10 May 2020 01:17 UTC
Build UUID: aa1e03bc-7360-40b3-a58c-cdae46958353
Build Commit ID: 2cb6f390d7bdaa

Architecture: x86_64
Boot via: installed image
System type: VMware guest

Hardware vendor: VMware, Inc.
Hardware model: VMware Virtual Platform
Hardware S/N: VMware-56 4d 77 10 77 ad 49 a0-43 fc 3a 28 33 91 2b 00
Hardware UUID: 10774d56-ad77-a049-43fc-3a2833912b00

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/libexec/vyos/conf_mode/”, line 363, in
File “/usr/libexec/vyos/conf_mode/”, line 284, in verify
for iface in Interface.listing():
AttributeError: type object ‘Interface’ has no attribute ‘listing’

[[system flow-accounting]] failed
Commit failed

Did I miss something, or is this a bug? I’m specifically looking at the “interface.listing” thinking maybe it’s supposed to be “interface.listening,” but that’s just a shot in the dark.