New to VyOS shall I start already with 1.2.0 or better with 1.1.8?


Hello VyOS-community,

I’m new to VyOS and have decided to dive in. The plan is to do my home network with VyOS (am currently on OPNsense). I’ll need dhcp-server, firewall, openvpn - a pretty simple I reckon.

Now I’m asking myself whether it’s worth to still dive into 1.1.8 or if I should rather start with 1.2.0 and wait for it becoming GA. I’d ideally like to avoid having to learn a new version soon or having significant migration effort.

What would more experienced people recommend?



Hello @binaryanomaly,

VyOS 1.1.8 makes use of Debian 6 which is EOL - there are no further security Updates!

If you start of fresh using VyOS I would recomment using 1.2.x rolling and help us stabilize it by reporting any bug @



Thanks @c-po - giving it a try right now.

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