NFS shares not seen through VYOS


Hello, i am new here and i need some help.
Back story.
I decided to make a 10 GB switch useing Vyos and some dual 10 gb nics i got off ebay. I seet up a bond for the 4 qgb nics and a bridge for the 8 10gb ports
IP settup

[]4x 1gb nics bond0
]8x 10gb nics
[/list]After setup i am able to ping every thing on the 10gb line. I can SSH as well as do smb shares. However my main problem is i cannot connect to a nfs or iscsi share useing the 10 GB line. I tried 2 diffrent servers.

[]Freenas box ip bare metal
]Centos box ip ending in VM
[/list]After my initial failure to connect i set up dhcp and a dns resolver service on the Vyos box. It assigned ips with no problem and again, ssh ping and smb shares work all across the network. But nfs and iscsi still dont work. Is there anything that i am missing? Also the shares do work on my standard network that is managed by a pfsense box.

Thank you in advanced for anyhelp. If i get this up and running i may right a right up on this. I have no problem burning this vyos install and starting from scratch FYI.