One Router to Connect to Two Seperate WANS


We have an environment with two separate WANs, one for the internet and the other for a wide area VPN. Is it possible for VyOS to filter the traffic and send the data to the appropriate WAN? And just to throw a spanner in the works, the wide area VPN provider states that we can’t have the Internet line and VPN line on the same router (though you can have a separate router/DMZ in between the VPN line and the rest of the network). I’ve attached a diagram of our proposed network (If I’ve uploaded it correctly!)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


You can use one more router to accomplish your goal.

Thanks for that

I’ve just been attempting to config the new router to do that however I’m not sure what I need to put in the config. Also, I’ve not been able to have a direct connection between the three routers due to limitations on vCloud, best I can do is to place them on a separate vApp network