I found a guide that indicated to run…

/opt/vyatta/sbin/vyatta-config-gen-sets.pl >setcmds.txt

However, the vyatta-config-gen-sets.pl file does not exist on the VyOS rolling version (at least the build I downloaded earlier today) - VyOS Community

Is there another command to execute that can export all the set commands to a txt file?

You better explain what you want,
and not where to find some obscure script which likely was killed for a reason

To export the settings, rules etc. commands. The VyOS FAQ section here https://wiki.vyos.net/wiki/FAQ says I can use this command…

/opt/vyatta/sbin/vyatta-config-gen-sets.pl >setcmds.txt

However, the file vyatta-config-gen-sets.pl no longer appears to be part of the VyOS ISO / installation. If it was killed “for a reason”, then the FAQ should be updated to reflect that.

If the command is no longer relevant, what is the replacement command or commands to export VyOS’ configuration as commands.

show configuration commands
in op mode and it should work just fine and do what you want

I’m not sure why it was even in the FAW — while the “porcelain” CLI is supposed to be stable, “plumbing” can change any time, you should never rely on it. I’ll edit the FAQ.
Op mode “show configuration commands > /tmp/commands” will work just fine.

If you are curious, the new plumbing part is /usr/bin/vyos-config-to-commands , unlike the old one it does support config comments, and doesn’t produce superfluos quotes. You can also use it to convert a config file to commands, not necessarily the running config (/usr/bin/vyos-config-to-commands /config/config.boot).