OSPF setup issues


Hello, I am another new user. I may have posted this earlier, but I didn’t see my post (sorry if there’s a duplicate)

I am having issues setting up OSPF between vyOS routers. Hopefully this is an easy one.

I am following the example for OSPF outlined in this guide. However, when I use the command “set interfaces loopback address” I get the error:

“Configuration path: interface loopback address [] is not valid
Set failed”

I tried other addresses: (,,…)

For some reason the current loopback lo address is I tried even tried that using the command to designate that address and I still received the same error.

Is there something I should be considering?

Any help appreciated, thank you.

set interfaces loopback lo address


Thank you Carl.

I was following the example down to the T, and it didn’t have the “lo”.

It worked.