Hey everyone - new VyOS user here (and Vyatta in fact). So far really liking it almost have it doing everything we need here. But now for the monitoring. It doesn’t seem like my systems are sending routing related traps at all. I have snmp going and am getting some traps but was hoping for ospf traps. I see in the vyatta docs some mention of configuring routing protocol trapping but those configuration statements don’t seem to work on VyOS. I do see that there are ospf trap related mibs though on VyOS in /usr/share/snmp

I get these sorts of things in my syslog but no corresponding trap:

ospfTrapIfStateChange trap sent: now Down

Running VyOS 1.1.6

Thank you.

EDIT: Never mind it was my setup. snmptrapd was eating the events. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: