OSPF to Cisco, broken broadcast and multicast hellos.


Thinking we are hitting a bug but not sure.
Trying to get a OSPF neighbour relationship between Cisco 4948 and Vyos 1.1.1. OSPF relationship is coming up. Dead-time expires and neighour drops on the vyos side. I have performed a tcpdump and can confirm i’m seeing hello packets from cisco on

I was trying this on a point-to-point OSPF network type, on ethernet link with a /31 vlan interface. Originally i thought maybe the /31 was broken and changed to a /30 and broadcast network type, however this had the same issue. I finally changed to non-broadcast for the network type and have a stable relationship with manally configured neighbours.

Intel 82574L Gigabit Network cards

I would like to get muulticast or broadcast working. Any ideas please?


seems like a bug in the Intel 82574L driver.

I have been testing with a X8 supermicro and was able to reproduce the issue using the same version of vyos, Cisco IOS, switch model and server model.

I was able to work around the issue by using a pci express dual port intel 868971 card that we had laying around.

Frustrating the onboard doesnt work. going to see if there any firmware upgrades…


Thank you for sharing this, it will probably save me some hours :slight_smile: