OSPF VPN sticky routing for inbound on eth0

I have an ospf connection that I route all traffic over to HQ including inbound requests to the remote site, however I sometimes need to connect to the remote site’s public IP incase of troubleshooting.

I’ve experienced a major performance increase since migrating from pfsense to vyos (both ends of the open tunnel are vyos), however this sticky functionality worked out of the box with pfsense.

Without the wan loadbalancing which is useful if the default route is outside the wan links, is there a way in vyos to mark reply packets related to an inbound NAT connection and route them out of the eth0 interface instead of the vtun0 where the more preferred route is sending them now?

Below is a snip of my route table for reference

[code]O>* [110/9] via, vtun1, 12:28:29

  •               via, vtun0, 12:28:29

S [210/0] via xx.xx.xx.1, eth0