Please confirm whether this scenario would work?

Hi Team,

I am planning to deply two vyos instances with two different ISP links on it. I wanted to achive redundancy for 192.168.20.x subnet for internet. That is I am planning to configure iBGP between R1 & R2. First preference of default route will be through R2. If the link on R2 fails the traffic destined to Internet will take path to and internet shoudl go from

Configuring **neighbor default-originate on R2 will that resolve my purpose?

If not can someone pleae suggest or advise about the connectivity?

Blason R

it depends on what is the protocol that you can run against the ISP(for example, bgp). If you have session Ebgp between your ISP, it makes sense. However, if you are using route-static or DHCP services, maybe you should use something like VRRP with tracking to accomplish this task.

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Maybe easier: Use load balancing on both routers
WAN ports are the ISP and the interlink. Best to double up the interlink, so you have 2 layer3 connects between these routers. Which can be accomplished on single cable using VLANs

Thats a nice suggestion!! Thanks will test it out and see.

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