Poor performance, pretty low traffic



I have a VyOS running on ESXi.
4 cores (Intel X5680 @ 3.33GHz), 8GB RAM, E1000 (tried with VMXNet 3, same thing).
Version: VyOS 1.1.6

I’m using one ethernet interface with a lot of VLANs.
The problem is that, at total traffic of about 80.000 pps (40.000 in / 40.000 out) RTT rises (from <1ms to 10ms and above) and packets are lost - I’m talking about RTT to VyOS monitored from a host within the same subnet.

I do have a lot of firewall rules, but I’ve removed firewall from the interfaces that’s applied to and nothing changed (also first rule is allow established/related for forwarding packets)

CPU usage (reported by SNMP) is under 10%, in ESXi all seems good (CPU usage was never above 40%), and host is barely used (less than 20%, 4 VMs running).
Also I’ve tried with only VyOS running on this host and I haven’t noticed any improvement.

Anyone has any ideea please?

Thank you!