PPPoE high latency after upload speedtest

Hi All,

I am experiencing a strange behavior and am not sure how to troubleshoot this.
The issue is after doing a speedtest. The RTT for instance to which is before speedtest is 8ms. After speedtest it constant 150 - 200ms. It only restores after a reboot.

When checking the load it show the following
1 user, load average: 0.07, 0.02, 0.00

Question is whats going on? What do i need to check to find the cause of this strange behavior?

Vyos Router Hardware:
Intel NUC
16GB SD Card
Onboard 1GB LAN

Vyos Router – tagged --> HP Procurve Switch --untagged–> Draytek Vigor 130 DSL Bridge

Hope you can help me out.


Hello @Arpanet69, can you try to check RTT with your PPPoE BRAS?
Also will be helpful to get an output of the command

monitor traceroute

Thanks Dmitry for your swift reply!

Keys: Help Display mode Restart statistics Order of fields quit
Packets Pings
Host Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev

  1. 0.0% 35 113.1 121.5 63.0 170.0 22.8
  2. 0.0% 34 129.5 126.7 62.9 180.3 27.8
  3. 0.0% 34 125.8 137.1 84.6 189.6 28.2
  4. 90.9% 34 152.9 162.3 152.9 175.4 11.6
  5. ???
  6. 0.0% 34 171.7 134.3 60.6 176.0 30.6
  7. 0.0% 34 168.3 132.5 54.4 174.5 28.5
  8. 0.0% 34 126.1 122.5 64.4 179.5 26.5

Am not sure what you mean by BRAS? Seems we have allot of packet loss at which is outside my network.

BRAS - this is a common name for an access concentrator and etc. (Broadband Remote Access Server)
I think you can ping your default route to check is all ok with the traffic throughput PPPoE tunnel

show ip route | match

When checking the route it doesnt show me an ip of a gateway that am able to ping.
output: S>* [1/0] is directly connected, pppoe0

show int:
pppoe0 xx.xx.xx.xx/32

When doing a RAS check from the ISP tools i only get success rate of 100% not the RTT.

But the strange thing is that it works super snappy after reboot as long if i dont force the line.
I will test with another router to see if its causing the same issue.

Hello @Arpanet69, did you get successful results with another router, I’m just interested in what happened.

Hi Dmitry, Changing the router solved my high ping… The difference is that its connected directly to the router without a switch. Am gonna do some more testing tomorrow and let you know my findings.

Noticed that when doing upload speedtest the ping goes from 8ms to 150ms and stays like this for a while after the speedtest had finished… its strange behavior feeling like its a hardware limitation or incompatibility.

Somehow its seems to be resolved… cant force the issue anymore. Problably the issue was at the ISP site.

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