PPPoE Server - Does it accept reply-attributes

Good Morning,

Does the VyOS pppoe-server accept reply attributes from a radius server? - I can establish a solid connection from a client no problem, but I want to include the framed-ip-address reply attribute from freeradius to ensure that my customers get the same internal IP address every time they connect.

I am using the current rolling release.

Many Thanks

Hello @leacho,

Yes, you can send framed-ip-address and other radius attributes. Radius attributes more priority than attributes in config.

@Dmitry - that’s good news! - now I’ve just got to work out why its not working :grinning:

Hm, I found why.
We need set module radius in config before ippool.
Try for test to modify file /usr/libexec/vyos/conf_mode/accel_pppoe.py
and move following strings before ippool

just to confirm - place between pppoe and ippool?

You can get modified file from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DmitriyEshenko/vyos-1x/current/src/conf_mode/accel_pppoe.py
If this will work correct, please, create bug report on phabricator.
upd:/ After this changes you need reconfigure your service pppoe or reboot router.

@Dmitry - absolutely spot on thank you so much for that - works a treat now!

Don’t forget create bug report on https://phabricator.vyos.net/

T1821 logged, thanks again