Problem on domain repository [http;//packages,vyos,net/], which seems to be an error in the routing of the public IP used for that domain

i am having problem in current VyOS Operation System, i am using package repository from [http;//packages,vyos,net] but can’t connect. i tried to ping the domain and got this status : “From 13,100,255, (149,255,100,13) icmp_seq=6 Time to live exceeded”

The ping is directed to the IP address 149,255,100,13

when I check the A record subdomain [packages,vyos,net] is the ip address 149,255,108,28

I also checked this issue with tracert to the IP used for the [] subdomain, and it’s true that it’s a public IP routing issue, causing an error on the domain [packages,vyos,net]

1.1.8 is EOL
We don’t use any repository anymore in the configuration.
Use stable 1.2 or 1.3 releases.

in my post, I found the problem in the dns A record [package,vyos,net] or the existence of looping bgp routing on ISP public ip.

I did “apt-get update” in my VyOS operating system, but the domain [packages,vyos,net] cannot connect, and apparently when I ping the domain [packages,vyos,net] I get the status:
vyos@VyOS-Firewall:~$ ping packages,vyos,net
PING (149,255,108,28) 56(84) bytes of data.
From 13,100,255,,arpa (149,255,100,13) icmp_seq=1 Time to live exceeded

from the status above, the ip address in a record [packages,vyos,net] is [149,255,108,28] but the connection result is deflected to ip [149,255,100,13]

and my tracert results in the picture above seem to explain the existence of a network routing error in their ISP network.

btw I’m using VyOS version 1.4, what repository should I use?

You don’t need any repository.