Problem removing BGP session

Dear colleagues,

we have a physical VyOS 1.1.4 machine with several BGP sessions. I recently wanted to delete one session with ‘delete protocols bgp XXXXX neighbor a.b.c.d’, but i got the following error:

[code][ protocols bgp XXXXX ]
% Specify remote-as or peer-group commands first
Error configuring routing subsystem. See log for more detailed information

[[protocols bgp XXXXX]] failed
Commit failed

[edit] [/code]

Has anyone else also encountered this kind of problem? The session was still in the configuration afterwards, but it was actually removed from the BGP daemon, so it didn’t show up when doing ‘show ip bgp sum’.

I then tried to remove the session from the configuration again by deleting all the configuration details like ‘delete protocols bgp XXXXX neighbor a.b.c.d remote-as YYYYY’ but i got the same error message again.

Thanks for you help!

without more details is hard to tell something
logs and configs should be good point to start