Push routes to remote access clients


We work with endpoint devices/products that push routes to VPN clients. By work with I mean we replace these devices with vyos as we take over a new client. A weakness in the offering of vyos is that it cannot be a drop-in replacement for the feature of pushing static routes to clients, so the VPN does not need to be the default route. The feature is not part of any VPN standard. It uses DHCP options 121 (RFC3442) & 249 (a Windows-specifc thing).

Someone wrote a solution for EdgeOS. We have corrected a bug, and have proven it to work on 1.2-EPA2. The solution, as-is, brings dnsmasq back from exile in a way where it does not interfere with DNS or DHCP.

Is this of interest to the project or should we just post it to github as something external? If it is of interest I will create a feature request. We can figure the rest from there.