QoS - Is priority 0 or 7 best?

Maybe on odd question, I tried googling for the answer and saw on a different forum specifically for vyatta, that priority 7 would be the best priority. Is that the case with vyos currently?

It´s likely the same as for vyatta

afaik, 0 is best, but indeed confusion exists in vyatta (and its descendants) world.

Make your config, and run tc show commands to see how vyatta config is translated.

Didn’t think of looking at TC.

sudo tc class show dev vtun1
class htb 1:1 root rate 25000Kbit ceil 25000Kbit burst 1600b cburst 1600b
class htb 1:2 parent 1:1 leaf 4002: prio 7 rate 7500Kbit ceil 7500Kbit burst 15Kb cburst 1598b
class htb 1:3 parent 1:1 leaf 803c: prio 6 rate 2500Kbit ceil 2500Kbit burst 15Kb cburst 1600b
class htb 1:4 parent 1:1 leaf 803d: prio 5 rate 10000Kbit ceil 10000Kbit burst 15Kb cburst 1600b
class htb 1:5 parent 1:1 leaf 803e: prio 4 rate 5000Kbit ceil 5000Kbit burst 15Kb cburst 1600b
class htb 1:6 parent 1:1 leaf 803b: prio 0 rate 22500Kbit ceil 22500Kbit burst 15Kb cburst 1597b
class prio 4002:1 parent 4002:
class prio 4002:2 parent 4002:
class prio 4002:3 parent 4002:

So the TC prio mataches up with what I configured through vyos. I’m still new to this, so is priority 0 considered best?

According to this, that sounds correct http://wiki.linuxwall.info/doku.php/en:ressources:dossiers:networking:traffic_control